The Oakland Post 1990-09-17

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Psychology prof suspended for altering evaluations ; SPB angered by security ; Professor Lester ; OU land sale roadblocked ; Bomber sentenced; begins term ; Just miserable ; Funding sought for golf course additions ; Crime Watch ; Agreement makes way for free press; safer community ; Part-time students treated like second-class citizens; yet pay same money ; Letter to the Editor OU's comfort zone needs to be shaken up ; 39 and Holding ; Colored Girls returns to Varner ; Editors; authors to speak ; Sunset classics lecture ; AIDS research presented ; SAE supercar a winner ; Goodfella's grit appeals ; Q: Do you feel the warring black factions in South Africa will hurt the ; U of C Berkeley protests U.S. intervention ; Racial Tension at Cleveland State and Dartmouth ; This Week's Horoscope ; What's Happening ; IRAQNOPHOBIA ; zoo u. ; QUOTABLE ; The Weekly Crossword Puzzle ; Baseball Boredom ; Hefty; hefty; hefty ; Wimpy; Wimpy; Wimpy ; A touch of class ; Spikers go 5-1 to start season; lose to Ferris ; Soccer team remains undefeated after four ; MONDAY NITE MADNESS ; Netters lose to Grand Valley ; Harriers take first in UP Classic



Writers' conference, AIDS, Katke-Cousins Golf Course, Squirrel Road widening, Bombing