The Oakland Post 1992-03-18

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Packard to announce acceptance ; Life As Art ; Women's History ; Land deal close to completion ; Senator Simpson stumps at OU ; Dorm rate hike OK'd ; Maybee asks Congress for help ; Survey shows students know new president; disgruntled over process ; Study shows students least likely to vote ; Cults rising on many campuses; concerns increase across nation ; CRIME WATCH ; OUR VIEW Forget quick; easy solutions ; YOUR VIEW Outsourcing of programs protested ; Maintaining stringent rules could effect attendance at future campus events ; Presidential search coverage applauded ; Black America's internal problems increasing: NATIONAL VIEW ; Cigarette ban no smoke screen: New proposal would outlaw smoking on college campuses ; Time to get a new watch ; Copy center dilemma-a violation of trust: "(Kinkos) was allegedly clearing all copyright laws for us. That suit has reverberated through the business. Its a fine line they are trying to walk down" ; Blood bank short on funds ; Recycled ties ; In-line skates: Trendy and healthy ; Take me out of the ballgame ; OU takes NCAA II title: Women swimmers threepeat ; Men end season in third place ; Experience pays off for cager Belkowski ; Tennis swings into action; fired up for new season ; Fencers nearing NCAA Nationals



Squirrel Road widening, Packard, Sandra, Room and board rates, Smoking policy, Women's swimming and diving, National championships