The Oakland Post 1997-03-19

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Pioneers claim victory in Texas: Men win fourth straight national championship ; Finalist withdraws from search; Post profile blamed as reason ; Presentation continues with campus closing ; Campus News Congress elections underway this week: Candidates begin campaigning; voting continues until tomorrow ; March weather cancels classes ; Charters issue evokes concern ; Abandoned children found alone in Hamlin Hall room ; Firm selected for OC renovation plans still in beginning stages ; EDITOR'S VIEW Another one bites the dust; four remain ; Letters to the Editor Student feels Post is being hypocritical regarding VPAA ; Vigilant Needs to Beware of Conflicts of Interest ; Letters to the Editor New found Pioneer pride may dwindle with the Division I AAA leap ; FEATURES Russian play brought to OU: Chekhov's Three Sisters is done at Varner Studio Theatre ; Director gives all to her costumes: Suzanne Hanna creates every Vamer Theatre production costume; including those used in "Three Sisters" ; Lucas; Jedi lose the "Force" ; Artist brings OU face to face with courage; strength ; 3rd Wish takes rock to new level ; OU EVENTS ; MUSIC ; THEATRE ; OTHER ; 'Use the Force' to maintain fitness program ; SPORTS Lady Pioneers bring home second ; VICTORIOUS



Men's swimming and diving, NCAA, National championships, Oakland University. Student Congress