The Oakland Post 2012-03-14

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Role Models ; Debating Issues ; Setting Standards ; Different Patterns ; this week ; PHOTO OF THE WEEK ; Perspectives STAFF EDITORIAL Bike Share bikes becoming an endangered species ; Perspectives EDITORIAL Why is the 2012 Oakland Symposium for you?: 2012 Oakland Symposium: Empowering Women in the Global Community ; Perspectives LETTER TO THE EDITORS Last week's letter to the editor was hurtful; inaccurate towards all student athletes ; LETTER TO THE EDITORS Walk in our shoes before generalizing ; Now hiring: Editor-in-Chief ; Campus Protests support student's suspension ; Feminist organization expresses opinion on sexual harassment ; Campus Grand Pursuit: The Story of Economic Genius ; Festival still going strong ; Latest film celebrates influential women who defied stereotypes in the media ; Campus Trustee named member of prestigious organization ; NATAS recognizes those who have demonstrated excellence in media ; Campus Stem cell conference digs in deep ; Conference discusses purpose; progress of stem cell research in recent times ; POLICE FILES Person of interest identified by Dodge Hall security cameras ; Campus Sitting down with President Russi: Russi updates on budget; building progress; branding ; Campus Academic recruiters focus on Wayne County ; Recruiters use tactics to gain county population ; The women behind OU ; Eleanor Reynolds ; Mary Beth Snyder ; Jean Ann Miller ; Theresa Rowe ; Kerri Schuiling ; Susan Awbry ; Sergeant Nicole Thompson ; Proving everybody wrong: Men's hockey team hopes this year's success will set the standard ; Sports THE BLITZ Golf teams start strong in Jackrabbit invitational ; Local The 21st century learning solution ; More schools adding technology into their curriculum ; Local LOCAL BRIFES Maple Syrup breakfast and environmental education ; Henry Ford exhibit drives America: Exhibit explores the history of cars throughout history ; Local Downtown shop offers unique gifts for every person; style Dotted and striped: Catching Fireflies in Rochester attracts customers ; Students express themselves with vibrant patterns ; Stripes and plaid ; Life ; Life Finding music in life's challenges ; Student musician finds inspiration in hard times ; WEEKLY CROSSWORD ; Mouthing Off SATIRE Victim of an Irish Holi-daze



Women's history month, Bike share program, Sexual harassment, Stem cells, Research, Russi, Gary, Oakland University. Student Organizations. Club Sports, Technology, Fashion