The Oakland Post 2006-09-06

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Here comes the Grizz ; Wooten bounces out: OU's leading scorer ineligible to play ; Scholarship awarded to incoming students ; You may just want to Kick back and relax: OC gets new look; new nook; new food ; AAUP: Strike's out for now ; If you haven't already - It's a good time to get booked ; TODAY'S QUOTE ; WORD ON THE STREET ; FALL CAREER PREP MONTH 2006 ; EDITORIAL We love OU; warts and all ; LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We must act to save the 'glory days of baseball' ; Sean OTuathal: Observations from the ant farm A Christian country - act the part! The politics of love ; WELCOME WEEK AT OU Go long; sing a song; maybe even take a PLUNGE: Students gear up for another semester ; CAMPUS CALENDAR ; Take a trip to the east side - of campus ; GUEST COLUMN Tiger frenzy runs in family ; STAFF COLUMN Hail to the victors? ; OU SPORTS SHORTS



Grizz, Oakland Center, Meadow Brook Hall