The Oakland Post 2008-09-17

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Running Mates: Zack and Lia Jones Lead the Way for Grizzlies Cross Country ; THIS WEEK ; STAFF EDITORIAL Do pundits really know what's best? ; Are the lives of socialites really that interesting? ; Letter to The Oakland Post ; Miss America's message of hope: Farmington Hills-based beauty queen talks about body image ; Oakland; Macomb relationship grows ; POLICE FILES ; Food; fun; flag football for free ; Cooley; OU engage in partnership ; Givers become the needy ; Nonprofit organizations are struggling along with the economy ; CHARITY AND ECONOMY AT A GLANCE ; GM unveils electric car to be produced in Detroit ; Are female celebrities giving women a bad name?: They aren't all bad ; Has society become more accepting to gay marriage due to the influences of pop culture? ; Real life and real estate: Finding a home is a process that should not be taken lightly ; RUNNING IN THE FAMILY ; Killing time: New head coach sparks senior volleyball star to new heights ; Jumping the Starting Gun ; Golden Grizzlies Game of the Week: VOLLEYBALL Oakland falters in tough loss to BGSU ; No OU football team? No worries: Golden Grizzlies rugby hits just as hard without pads or helmets ; To steal or not to steal?: An argument over illegal music sharing ; Entertaining alternatives ; The Crofoot has your Friday night covered ; Buzzin' off coffee beans ; Palin's beauty gives her the MILVF factor in '08 ; Petraeus leaves Iraq; strategy hailed ; N W BRIEFS ; Clean up to follow Ike's distruction ; NATO chief: Russia cannot block Georgia joining NATO ; Lehman Brothers files for bankruptcy



Haglund, Kirsten, Macomb Community College, Community College to Oakland, Cooley Law School, Code of conduct, Student conduct, Academic conduct