The Oakland Post 1988-11-14

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Apathy plagues elections again ; Work hard ; Ex-journalist shares political experiences ; Radio station still waiting for board signature ; Government contenders discuss issues at debate ; University Congress presidential candidates Murphy; Nykanen and Voytas explain platforms ; Local attorneys caution university about alcohol programs ; News Briefs Board to hold discussions on ; Kappas awarded ; Student arrested for damaging cars ; Corrections ; Fill in the blank for Congress ; Candidate worries former SPB chair ; Letters to the Editor: Blacks aren't only victims of racism ; Explanation needed for racism charge ; Columnist offends once again ; BLOOM COUNTY ; Lifestyles of the rushed and sleepy ; Taking it back on the road: Jazz prof 'Doc' Holladay retires; returns to stage ; Forget about the mall; visit the 'Little Shop' ; Students came together to bridge cultural gap ; 'Distant Thunder' not a booming movie success ; Making freshmen ripe for the picking ; What's Happening ; A night at the JLA ; Volleyballers take GLIAC ; GLIAC player of the week award goes to spiker Harrison ; Harriers thirteenth in regional ; Osmun strides toward GLIAC greatness ; Men swimmers drown Grand Valley ; Monday Night football picks ; Soccer team awaits tourney opposition ; Bowl hopes in the Pitts



Journalism, Pomerantz, Neila, Journalism, Alcohol awareness, Holladay, Marvin, United Students, Volleyball, Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference