The Oakland Post 1995-03-29

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Sports Bison title rush derails Oakland: North Dakota State pulls away from pesky Pioneers en route to three-peat ; OUSC election suspended due to error; chaos ; Political humorist solves JFK assassination plot ; the SACH GOES ON: University position search nears the end ; WANG ASSAULT A UNIVERSITY SEEKS JUSTICE: Suspects face psych exam ; Knight; Barton plead not guilty at circuit court arraignment ; GALA Battle Orientation policy changes; gay community still at work ; Entry takes fifth at Purdue ; Campus News WOUX makes final preparations ; CRIME WATCH ; 62-credit rule for OU passes Senate with debate ; Building a stronger future through a solid foundation ; Writer Faludi confronts feminism backlash: Pulitzer Prize winner Susan Faludi marked the end of Women's History Month at Oakland ; Russi details lobbying needs ; EDITOR'S VIEW: Community praise and pathetic politics ; Letters to the Editor: Former Congress leader lambastes '95 Elections ; Rolling Thunder: Bladers prepare to hit the concrete; or not? ; Features Dancing steps lead to new role ; OU recruits football team ; Moving on and looking back - see ya ; Beer Lake: Did You Know? ; Recruiting mothers on campus ; Not the typical backyard BBQ ; Starting hurlers struggle as Pioneers drop two in Indiana ; Netters untested heading into the Quadrangular meet ; Pioneer of the Week: Dan Schmitzer Baseball 6-2 Senior First Baseman



Oakland University. Student Congress, Elections, LGBTQ, Oakland University. Student Organizations. WXOU, Faludi, Susan, Russi, Gary, Feminism, Dance