Oakland University News: September 18, 1992



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Oakland University


World Beats a Path to Professor's Door to See Research ; Photos: An Agenda for the Next Decade ; Undergraduates Cited for Distinguished Achievements; Gallup to Speak at 7th SBA Forum ; SBA Forms Liaison Council with Businesses ; Excellence in Arts Offers How-Tos ; OU PArt of Development Program ; Crimes Show Downward Trend ; Writers to Dot the Campus ; OU Organizes International Manufacturing Conference ; Liek Soccer? Then You Can't Miss It ; You Can't Say McGarry's Retirement Will Be Dull ; Harris Tapped for Acting VP Job in FInance ; Biologist's Grant Aids in Understanding of Blood Vessels ; Student Interns Help County Win Award ; Sounds of New Trio Aventura on Varner Hall Horizon ; First All-Classes Reunion Even Serves Roast Dean ; Photo: Joan Rosen and Suzanne Frankie prepare for Glyndebourne Picnic ; Microcomputer Software Regulations ; Conflict-of-Interest Policy




Microsensor, Malinski, Tadeusz, Career development, Oakland University Police Department, Crime rates, Hansen, Fay, Blood vessels, Research