The Oakland Post 2005-12-07

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


2 cars stolen: POLICE: Theft reports continue to rise on campus ; Russi addresses lack of funding ; BOT denies prof tenure: Despite unanimous positive reviews ; Early deficit grounds Grizzlies: Kampe: We're not ready for prime time. ; Holiday sales surge ; Prizes given for good deeds ; Studying early can avoid finals meltdown ; Students 'all-in' for poker ; POLICE FILES ; GM plans to revive line as cuts are announced ; Deer hunting balances environment ; Stern gets 'Sirius' ; Eminem to wed again? ; EDITORIAL Persistence pays off for grads ; GUEST COLUMN Engineering degree opens many doors for students ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Campus ATM offers no surcharge ; McGuinness should not take credit ; Car thieves are not welcome here ; FBI: Michigan ranks third in number of reported hate crimes ; Demolition ; Students share their 2005 favorites ; Satellite radio: It's like Cable television for your ears ; Christmas spirit alive at MBT ; SPORTS ; Detroit Sentiments? ; Hafeli and OU hot for a half



Crime, Russi, Gary, Charity, Student activities, Hunting