The Oakland Post 2006-03-22

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


STUDENT CONGRESS ELECTIONS - 2006 Yes; it's time to cast your ballots ; PUBLIC HEALTH Chronic heartburn may be risk for deadly cancer ; Billions uncollected in federal fines for wrongdoing ; Senate approves $2.8 trillion budget for 2007 ; CALLING OUT THE REFEREE ; As election draws near; The Oakland Post interviewed all balloted candidates. To the right; you will find our questions; and below each of them are the individual responses. ; Local student faces 20 years for 'Columbine-style' threat: Fewer than half of Rochester High School students attended classes Monday ; Rochester Hills group aims to save area green spaces: Board meets bi-weekly to discuss issues ; MICHIGAN IN BRIEF ; EDITORIAL Let your voices be heard; don't forget to cast your vote ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Election process programs 'mars' the image of process ; Vitale-Ewing best choice to lead OU's student body ; Let students think for themselves ; 'Vote yes on the student activity fee adjustment' ; McGuinness 'failed to fully concentrate on serving students' ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR McGuinness' fiscal irresponsibilty is 'disconcerting' ; 'Accountability;' of Vitale ticket leads to support ; 'McGuinness has this student's vote' ; Vote 'yes to raising the Student Activities Fee' ; Attention should be paid to legislative and proposal portions of ballot ; Candidates face off ; Wage raise not beneficial; profs say: Profs discuss minimum wage hike; business tax ; OUSC funds civil rights education ; Go Black! Go Gold! ; REVIEW Slam poet inspires; entertains ; NATION ; ST. PATRICK'S DAY PARADE REVIEW ; Say 'Aloha' to 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' ; EXPERT ANALYSIS Awareness of workplace violence can aid in prevention ; Buckeyes cut OU's tourney-run short ; Lions coach says Harrington 'not with us' - Kitna or McCown to start



Oakland University. Student Congress, Elections, Minimum wage, Civil rights, Violence