The Oakland Post 2018-03-21

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


All Online? Oakland explores e-Learning options; but at what cost to the value of a degree? ; Dance marathon. Students host national event in support of hospitalized children ; Campus Smoking. Practicality of Oakland tobacco ban brought into question ; New Football Coach ; Club football team welcomes a new coach to the field ; Looking back: Cable comes to the res halls: The year 1994 finally introduced cable TV to students living on campus; an option only available at a cost ; Poll explores how students feel about Oakland University ; Police Files: Hacked ; A case of drug abuse ; Bathroom larceny ; Grizz-a-Thon supports Children's Miracle Network ; Showcasing talent with Battle of the Bands: After a two-year hiatus; OU has welcomed the SPB event back to the campus ; Oakland earns bronze seal in Campus Democracy Challenge ; Clean air with an extra puff ; OU looking to expand e-Learning: University officials considering partnership with online program management companies ; Flint Town gives you an insight into the reality and people of the Vehicle City ; The Magic Gang made "magic" with the release of their first album ; Trump nominates war criminal to lead CIA: "Bloody Gina" brings a background of torture tactics ; A view on gun control ; Women-owned fashion brands are thriving ; Marine Corps inspires student ; A musical you "can't keep your hand off": Hands on a Hardbody" brings on competition ; Club football welcomes new coach: The Golden Grizzlies welcome Rick Fracassa as the new coach ; Golf competes at mid-season tournament: Men's and women's golf kick off the spring season with a bogey and a par ; Vandenberg Dining Hall's hidden top chef



Distance learning, Online courses, Charity, Elections, Awards, Smoking policy, Women, Fashion, Military service, Veterans, Oakland University. Student Organizations. Club Sports, Food service operations