The Oakland Post 1999-03-31

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Congress saga; elections continue: Q&A with candidates ; Complex lacks student support ; VEGAS college Style ; Senate reviews proposed amendments ; Fast Facts ; Cola wars loom at OU ; Students Affairs EVENTS: UPDATING OU ; On Campus Faculty reach out Jamaican style ; April's fools arrive ; Vote FOR PROGRESS ; Crime statistics show decrease for decade ; Crime Watch: Speeding Driver Arrested ; Editor's VIEW Vote for Congress: eenie; meenie ; TRUSTEES' CORNER The April Board of Trustees meeting is at 2 p.m.; Thursday in the Gold Rooms of the OC. ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Order of Leibowitz disbands at OU ; OUTSICE OAKLAND COMMUNITY CALENDAR: FESTIVALS & SHOWS ; LECTURES - WORKSHOPS ; BENEFITS ; OF INTEREST TO ALL ; VALERIE'S FOUR DAY FORECAST ; Locals fight urban blight ; MOTLEY FOOLU: Technical Trading ; State prison funding up; education; down ; RUBEN BOLLING ; ETHNIC HUMOR; INOFFENSIVE BECAUSE IT'S CREATED BY MEMBERS OF THE ETHNIC CROUPS ; Tom The Dancing Bug: Meet the creator of the controversial cutting-edge comic ; CURENTS EVENTS ON CAMPUS ; THEATRE ; MUSIC ; EXHIBITS ; MISCELLANEOUS ; Book spins quirky questions ; Enjoying the Outdoors ; THE REEL DEAD '10 Things' counts the ways to perfection ; Get Out Big City Heavens for pennies ; For Your Entertainment TELEVISION ; Spring weather makes some dazed and confused ; Etcetera CITIZEN DOG ; BizarRO ; THE UNIVERSAL CROSSWORD ; Cheap Psychological Tricks ; Time Bandit ; Sleep It Off ; Sports HOME RUN INTO HISTORY: With a new coaching staff; OU has to pitch in to learn about the past in order to swing into the future ; History in the making ; Late starting club leads with success ; Rivalry to the bone; but spirit's only skin deep ; Tennis swings with all aces ; Lacrosse cradles victory ; Spotlight on the Black & Gold ; YOAV RITTER MEN'S SWIMMING & DRIVING ; GRIZZWALD'S INSTANT REPLAY BASEBALL ; INSIDE SPORTS SATURDAY ; Finding fares ; TOM THE DANCING BUG ; Chuck Shepherd's News of the weird



University Senate, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Walters, Toni, Jamaica, Crime statistics, State prisons, Funding, Bolling, Ruben, Comics, Men's baseball, Men's volleyball