The Oakland Post 2000-03-22

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


FAST facts ; Forecast calls for Roker: NBC's Today Show weatherman; Al Roker lectures on the importance of family values ; Liaisons represent students ; OU Crime rate hits two-decade low ; student Affairs: UPDATING OU ; CRIME watch ; 'Nova 25' coming to Oakland: OU's oldest student organization celebrates their 25th anniversary ; Presidential Debate spotlights platforms OU DECISION 2000 ; Student body president applauds effort STUDENTS FIRST!! ; LETTERS TO THE editor Golf course information hard to get ; EDITOR'S view Be different How? Vote! ; local Edge ; Festivals & Shows ; LECTURES & WORKSHOPS ; SPECIAL INTEREST ; Four Day FORECAST ; Abused women's shelter HAVEN to many: Finance VP Schaefer named to shelter board of directors ; MOTLEY FOOLU: Online Tax Help ; BizarRO ; LEX ; THE UNIVERSAL CROSSWORD ; life Edge ; ON CAMPUS ; CONCERTS ; COMING SOON ; Olfactory Charming your Olfactory: Aromatherapy can help you relax; rejuvenate or capture the attention of anyone in smelling distance; Check out these cheap and easy techniques ; Jamaican teachers earning masters degrees from OU ; Van Gogh at DIA: Gallery exhibits famous portraits; sketches ; DATING CREATIVELY Coleman helps students play dating game ; Dating Doctor sparks love on campus; gives advice ; Listen Up: Local church entertainment sings a different tune with musical series ; For Your ENTERTAINMENT ; Idiot's guide to OU: How to survive; strive; contrive ; sports Edge SCOREBOARD ; UPCOMING GAMES ; SPORTS TRIVIA ; NCAA competition: Good luck charm hangs on All-American Georgi Kinsela ; Game called; OU defeated ; Depth equals success ; Is loyalty a far fetched idea in the sports world?



Crime, Student liaisons