The Oakland Post 1990-10-01



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Work on proposed $39 million science building continues ; Student groups dissatisfied with SAB ; Opening wellness ; Phone registration considered ; Recycling program lacking financial support; planning ; Getting down ; OU enrollment dips; two-year colleges rise ; Crime Watch ; Excuses are only things recycled on this campus ; Students should take better advantage of services; excitement offered at OU ; Letters to the Editor Post showed poor judgement in naming professor ; Obscene speech is not protected by 1st ; Incinerator answers the wrong question ; Love laughs on Wilder ; Wig's tunes a chaotic blend ; Anibal House ; German reunification may provide jobs ; Varner's Magnolias blossoms ; Helping hand ; Q: What do you feel is the most important environmental issue? ; Student parties forced to move off campuses; many arrested ; What's Happening ; This Week's Horoscope ; QUOTE OF THE WEEK ; ZOO U. ; The Weekly Crossword Puzzle ; The beauty of basketball ; Scoring counts ; Top players ; Osmun OU's first athlete of the week ; Harriers take third at FSU ; Soccer team gets first loss; tie: Pioneers lose Marriot first time in 7 years ; Thornton's goal ties MSU ; Spikers split at Lewis tourney



Campus development, Registration, Enrollment, Environment