The Oakland Post 1992-04-15

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Diversity Class ; Forensics Team ; Mini-Vacations ; Outstanding AP ; Award Nominations ; Meadow Brook Theatre ; Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids Collection ; Wellness House Benefit ; Budget cuts are deep; inevitable ; OU evaluating Sunset Terrace renovations ; Signs of spring(s) ; Board approves compensation ; Local companies submit bids to operate OU Bookcenter ; Expense account is a profitable perk ; Tuition increase is a reality for OU students next year ; Congress focuses on tuition increase ; Report shows affirmative action improves at OU ; OU's physical plant reaches critical point ; CRIME WATCH ; Board approves Marriott's four year contract ; OUR VIEW Creative action eases tensions ; YOUR VIEW Hate flyers will be investigated ; Narrow-minded notions condemn cross-cultural differences ; Reality check: accept tuition increases ; Letter shows ignorance: VIEWPOINT ; Correct the part-timer faculty number ; Television reports irritate foreign student ; Rid campus of black-white tensions ; Society's negative attitude to women appalls student: VIEWPOINT ; Name dropping not a bragging matter ; Prof questions Packard's vision ; "Get rich quick"schemes usually profit schemers ; Spring cleaning time ; News and views wrap up loose ends ; Baseball blitzed by Bulldogs ; Golfers take two third places in Detroit College of Business; Pioneer Invitational tourneys ; Lepley rated last in GLIAC; money for changes not available ; Senior Cooley balances school; tennis duties ; Vogel starts tennis late; but makes up for time



Sunset Terrace, Budget cuts, Tuition rates, Affirmative action, Packard, Sandra