The Oakland Post 1988-10-24

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Racism problem debated ; Making faces ; Alcohol policy report due at semester's end ; Anibal; Fitzgerald houses consolidation recommended to solve parking problem ; Condom machines possibility on campus ; Students disagree with University Congress SAF discussion ; Hood says minorities viewed negatively by administration ; News Briefs Felonious driving charge dropped against Maher ; JSO member to attend national conference ; Students named Ylvisaker scholars ; Woman assaulted in laundry room ; Fitz and Anibal vandalized ; Corrections ; Saints and Sinners ; Monitored alcohol program gets out of control ; Discrimination needs solutions ; Interdepartmental shuffling creates havoc ; Letters to the Editor: Post attitude needs work; RHC says ; Vienna article well-written ; U.S. election process editorial way off base ; BEING All THAT YOU CAN BE: isn't exactly all it's cracked up to be ; In preacher's case; words speak louder than actions ; Reinfection common with gonorrhea; no guaranteed prevention of sore throats ; Level 42's quality sets them apart ; Pumpkinhead's plot empty as a jack-o'-lantern ; Expense dictates colleges chosen ; What's Happening ; Can't Dodge Orel ; Didn't even belong ; Gibby; fantasize? ; Baseball is better ; Great excuse huh? ; Volleyballers down Hillsdale; lead GLIAC by two ; Ailing Pioneers tie Gannon ; Soccer coach Parsons stubbornly determined ; Work hard; play hard ; Cross country team seventh: Osmun second in conference meet ; Tide nips Penn State ; What a dive