The Oakland Post 1990-02-19

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Self-defense techiques discussed at seminar ; Precarious position ; Greek conference damages hotel ; State aid to increase in 1991 ; Angelou presentation brings diverse audience to its feet ; Brother tells of real Malcolm X ; fyi ; Corrections ; BAM may not be necessary in the future ; Better safe than sorry ; OutLand ; Letters to the Editor Condom ad in poor taste for student newspaper ; Condoms more celebrated than motherhood ; Liberal arts should receive more funding ; Viewpoint about classroom manners makes good point ; Students need bus access to get around ; Hamlin residents should get perks like Vandenberg ; Henry V a striking production ; FILM ; Debut rocker rolls over ; MUSIC ; Spring trips from Florida to Colorado ; Cheers to the speaker's club ; Media course is 'real' work ; Ethnic music; rhythms fill OC ; Q: Have you participated in BAM actively; moderately or not at all? Why? ; This Week's Horoscope ; What's Happening ; I hate to lose too ; Pioneers lose Heartbreaker ; Putting OU on the market ; Divers will help championship run ; Athletic Hall inducts four ; Women go nuts over Wayne win ; Fencers work cut out at tournaments



Angelou, Maya, 1928-2014, Self-defense, X, Malcolm, 1925-1965, Black Awareness Month, State funding, Toastmasters club, Hollie L. Lepley Hall of Honor