The Oakland Post 1991-04-01

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Clean-up Day to wage war on litterbugs ; Gaining new respect ; Financial aid cut for 347 OU students ; Insight on culture ; AIDS support group requests student help: Courses offered to increase awareness ; Wild wind wreaks havoc on campus ; Scholarships for minorities come under scrutiny ; Wind wreckage ; Research grants on the increase ; Crime Watch ; Loss of life tragic when preventable ; Disabled students treated as second class citizens ; Letter to the Editor Time will display real intentions of music department ; Conference center already here; but invisible! ; Elvis alive and well at OU! ; Kresge Library's mad bomber named to Board of Trustees ; Gossimer Goose shot for violating swimming rule ; New Wilson winners! ; New ledger system just a practical joke ; Give students their pride back; allow students to pay big part of tuition bill ; Give more room to mindless chatter; babbling ; Litter to the Preditor University needs to keep football in perspective ; Cafeteria cuisine a cultural experience; great service ; Newspaper is biased and sucks ; Interim-man is heroic ; Officers quick on the draw ; Wellness dorm is hottest spot ; Party room swings ; Food tested ; Error leads sailors to Beer Lake ; Men cagers to wear unitards fan attendance down: Freshman assaulted at practice ; Doc Severinsen to conduct Pep Orchestra ; One injured when bleachers collapse during volleyball game ; Swim teams finish fourth in annual doggie paddle competition ; Debts await reservists ; Residence halls are arena for practical jokes ; Credit card firms solicit students ; Mystery-thriller opens at Meadow Brook ; Women's film festival announces program ; Desert Storm increased campus blood donations ; Spring training ; Video features contortionist ; Q: What's the first section of the paper that you read? ; Fraternities punished for hazing activities ; ZOO U. ; The Weekly Crossword Puzzle ; This Week's Horoscope ; What's Happening ; Equestrian club waiting for sponsors ; Senior athletes ready to meet other challenges ; Coach reaps success ; Men's tennis team prepares for spring season: Young team hopes to improve from fourth place ; PIONEER TRAILS: THIS WEEK IN OU ATHLETICS



Scholarships, AIDS, April Fools' Day, Humor, Equestrian team