The Oakland Post 2009-11-04

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Towering Expectations ; THIS WEEK ; Perspectives ; STAFF EDITORIAL A can-do attitude ; Toss your goods into The Oakland Post's box ; CORRECTIONS CORNER ; Unconditional love: no room for cheating or insecurities ; Rapists deserve death; disgust ; Housing proposal tabled: Plans for 3 new buildings removed from BOT agenda due to timing ; On the agenda: Human Health Building and Coke or PepsiCo? ; Hiring a Contractor ; Pouring Rights Agreement ; Mich. budget passes without Promise Scholarship ; Student orgs hold drive to raise food and scholarships ; OPTIONS may be running out ; Fialka-Feldman's fight; along with OPTIONS; may end ; Support services to celebrate student veterans on campus ; POLICE FILES ; Dance department receives accreditation ; Runners remember Tolan: In memory of an Oakland University student; friends and family organized a 5K run for Michigan's Gift of Life ; OU alum works to help shape future ; All or Nothing: Grizzlies view their upcoming season as a Golden opportunity ; Grizz Gang partners up with WXOU ; THE SPORTING BLITZ: Women's basketball ; GRIZZ OF THE WEEK ; What do you think about Pepsi renewing their contract with OU? ; Details about Pepsi-OU contract ; Do you utilize your academic advisor? How often? ; Academic advising contacts ; Bone Thugs at crossroads : Rap and R&B icons reunite for new album; new message; English band joins ranks of Coldplay ; Industry incentives questioned: Locals rally at the Crojbot Ballroom to support Mich. filmmakers ; Judge throws out murder conviction ; Local news briefs: arson numbers drop; extradition charges: Detoit fires drop over 3-day Halloween period ; Report- Stimulus saving Michigan schools' Jobs ; Fromer MSU coach pledges run for Mich. governor ; FBI-wanted Canadians to fight extradition ; Ford shows profit; positive outlook for 2011 ; Bing re-elected as mayor ; Voters approve measure ; Beefeaters suspended for bullying ; N W BRIEFS ; Nessie observer dies ; Wigging out about new hair ; An editor's - wait for it - hair-raising tale about his newest donation



Campus development, Human Health Building, Oakland University. Student Organizations, Fialka-Feldman, Micah, Veterans, Dance, Accreditation, Obituaries, Memorials, Advising, Grizz Gang, Oakland University. Student Organizations. WXOU, Filmmaking