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Oakland Sail, Inc.


BALANCING BOOKS AND BABIES ; CAMPUS ; SPORTS ; MOUTHING OFF ; this week ; STAFF EDITORIAL Bans aren't always bad ; 'Tiger mother' is more than a bad parent ; Honoring MLK: Students awarded Keeper of the Dream scholarships ; campus briefs: Detroit Tigers at OU ; SAE presents racing car at auto show ; Pediatric retinal research lab to open in Dodge Hall ; Event kicks off with music; dance ; Police Files: Rec Center laptop larceny ; 'Report and Support' seeks to minimize harm ; A jump to the next level: Grizzlies' starting lineup bolstered by a pair of high school teammates ; Huggies and Homework ; Three OU students successfully manage to raise kids and get a college education ; Professors have kids too ; Figure skating club offers collegiate skating options ; Fans cheer Grizzlies to road win ; Oakland takes early lead in Nike's Campus Roar Contest ; A LOOK AT THE SUMMIT: MEN'S BASKETBALL ; Bobbing for trout ; police blotter: Rochester ; Snyder's first State of the State Address: What it means to Michiganders ; Global News ; Transforming friendships: Going from 'best friend' to 'boyfriend' ; 4.0 professor profiles: weekly spotlight on OU professors ; WEEKLY CROSSWORD ; 'A little something new': Meadow Brook Theatre brings Broadway shows with contemporary style ; Eminem; local and live ; New methods of charging; even on the go ; records & reels ; THE SCRIPT ; "Science and faith" ; Hey; what's your sign? ; The answer is far more ambiguous than you think



Keeper of the Dream awards, SAE, Eye Research Institute, African American Celebration Month, Oakland University Police Department, Non-traditional students, Meadow Brook Theatre