The Oakland Post 2008-11-05

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Yes He Can ; THIS WEEK ; STAFF EDITORIAL Chauncey Billups should have retired as Detroit's 'big shot' ; Noisy wheels get the grease in local government ; Fighting off the winter blues; part 1 ; Bringing on the Change ; OU students react ; Election briefs for Michigan districts; proposals: Proposal 1 passes ; Halloween goes green at OU ; Russi and Campus Rec awarded ; Best of POLICE FILES Fall 2008 ; OUSC combines Halloween with civics ; OU students to attend inauguration ; Voters flock to booths: Young and old stand together for a chance to vote for history ; Economy; competition closes local shop ; What's your favorite brand of cereal? ; Breakfast; lunch and dinner: What breakfast food could you eat any time of the day? ; What's your favorite cereal slogan? ; Done with the sickness: The simplest steps can be the best ways to avoid a virus this year ; Finals destination: Get ready for the end ; Focus on freshmen: Jones bringing passion ; Ecker gains mental toughness ; Lynch prepares for last shot ; Scores from the road ; POST GAME ; GRIZZ OF THE WEEEK: Amy Golem Volleyball ; Golden Grizzlies Game of the Week: WOMEN'S SWIMMING AND DIVING OU falls to Houston but finishes strong ; Gov't Mule: last of a dying breed? ; 'Twilight' star shines ; Entertainment tonight: What the political season brought us ; What happened the morning after Halloween ; Iran parliament impeach Ahmadinejad ally ; Taiwan; China envoys sign historic trade pact ; N W BRIEFS ; Americans take to the polls ; Wall Street prepares to stage Election Day comeback



Presidential elections, Politics, Russi, Gary, Awards, Oakland University. Student Congress