The Oakland Post 2003-09-10

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Network issues plague dorms ; Future OU Grizz statue could break height record ; 9:11:03 Students to spend day remembering ; OUSC goes online ; Month's focus to help student get jobs ; Taking on traffic ; Police to hire ; WXOU on air ; Two-week fiesta honors diversity ; OU ranks in survey ; Police Beat ; Laugh for a cause ; Promise Village brings comedians to Troy to benefit organization ; Patriotic condom serves as 'Protection for all' ; Global Glance ; Rochester event set to preserve river ; Letters to the Editor ; Featured columnist No worries; no fears; no regrets ; Point - Counterpoint: Do cameras in public places violate human rights? ; Editor's View Heroes make the day ; Rec Center loosens dress code ; Controversy over sleeveless shirts causes uneasy feelings ; It's a Party ; Greek sororities seek new members ; BT takes emotional journey; Neptunes are lost in space ; Discount tickets offered for Detroit performances ; Sorority takes early lead ; Cheap eats under $10 ; Movie previews for upcoming weekends: Opening Friday; Sept. 12 "CABIN FEVER" ; Home sweet home ; The importance of sports in the world ; Bittersweet weekend for lady Grizzlies ; Offensive outage in loss ; Women race to sweep ; Ladies tee off season ; OU starts with win ; Grizzly Calender ; Help me Harlan ; Crossword ; THE LOW DOWN ; OU Says: How often do you use the Rec Center? ; STUDENT AFFAIRS COLUMN: UPDATING You Every Week!



Grizz, Sculpture, 9/11, Parking, Oakland University. Student Organizations. WXOU, Hispanic culture, Clinton River