The Oakland Observer 1962-03-23

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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


Devlin Petitions To Judges Over Moratorium Legality ; Fritz Drafts Rental Plans For Spring ; No Brigitte?? ; Tafoya Follows Amann To 'Report' Lectern ; Observer Editorships Open ; Council Votes For Extension of Womens Hours ; 'Used Prof' Lot Opens Friday ; Karas Presents New Dorm Plan ; Romney Trades State For November Votes ; Hoasing Rule Blocks Growth ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 'Bunny' Tires: Wants Library Closed Earlier ; Students Not Ready ; Lit Supplement Out In April ; Utah Students Plan Training ; Students Not Sharp On World Affairs ; Continuing Education Offerings Cover Business - Language - Arts And Public Administration ; No Chips Off The Old Block ; Exams Open Library ; Easter Bonnets ; 'Century 21' ; Women Voters Sponsor Forum ; Register Now; Beat Deadline ; Army Deferment Exam Scheduled For April 17 ; Campus-Community Event Schedule ; Village Starts Forum ; Principal-Frosh Talk



Residence halls, Scholarship fund, Dormitories, Student governance, Oakland University. Continuing Education, Secretarial and Office Staff Club, Selective service deferment, Freshmen