The Oakland Post 2018-10-24

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Talking Poetry: Airea Matthews visits Oakland to honor Maurice Brown in annual poetry reading night ; Foster Care Forum. OU hosts forum with panelists from MI Senate and House ; Proposal 2. What voters should know about the anti-gerrymandering proposal ; Disability Awareness. DSS hosts educational exhibit about visible and invisible disabilities ; Looking back: Library heist of $73,500 worth of books in 1983: A total of 540 rare books were assumed stolen; went unnoticed for three months with no arrests made after four months of investigation ; Foster care community hosts Michigan governmental candidates ; Professors raise money to improve safety in classrooms on campus ; Eisenhower Dance Detroit puts on season opener: EDD; with the help of Stephanie Pizzo; has made memorable performance for over two decades ; Police Files: Parking police problems ; Renowned poet visits in honor of Maurice Brown Poetry Reading ; OU Has Talent to take the stage at The Habitat ; OUCARES presentation focuses on obesity; nutrition and autism ; Women and gender studies hosts "Careers That Make a Difference" ; What proposal 2 means for you on this November's ballot ; Career Services helps students understand generations in the workplace ; GSC hosts an open house for LGBTQ+ Awareness Day: As a way to spread inclusiveness on campus; GSC hosts event ; Student has access to assistive technologies in dorm room ; Disability Support Services hosts awareness exhibit ; Oakland providing aid to international students ; Annual Santa Parade to coincide with food drive ; "Halloween" - a killer revival of a horror classic ; Moving toward Legalization Day ; Addressing "Innocent until proven guilty": Evidence and support is crucial in situations involving allegations of sexual assaults ; Voters have been purged across America: Thousands of voters have been deregistered from electoral rolls in several states ; Babatunde Sowunmi: From Nigeria to O'rena ; Jamie Walling wraps up sophomore volleyball season as a team leader ; What to expect when you're existential: Maybe you'll learn to embrace your existential crisis at some point



Poetry, Kresge Library, Active shooter training, Matthews, Airea D., Autism, Careers, LGBT+, Oakland University. Disability Support Services, International students