The Oakland Post 2002-06-12

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


BOT boots Aramark ; The Edge ; Campus ; Life ; Sports ; Training day ; Golf finances 'in the hole' ; New student liaisons named to Board seats ; IN THIS ISSUE ; Tuition raised 8.47 percent ; GHC offers 'stop smoking' program ; Cooley Law fall classes on campus ; Alumni Association proposes undergraduate student group ; Shelby Twp. student dies in 1-94 crash ; Crime Watch ; Thieves plague apartment job site ; The Edge: Holiday Happenings ; Musical reflections Detroit's Christian music scene exploding with hope ; Sizzling; sultry summer happenings ; Life Column Supporting local bands; musicians will pay off: Sweating out tunes in a makeshift basement studio; a local band tries to rehearse one last song before opening up at a small venue in downtown Pontiac for a mainstream band ; Editorial: OU staff could learn from WSU's model ; Score Board ; Upcoming National games ; Sports Trivia ; Improved conference play salvages season ; Mariners snare OU two ; Women make history in NCAA: Ogg told to resign ; Sports Column Rocked you like a Hurricane: Near the end of the semester I wrote a column very critical of the owner of the Detroit Red Wings and Tigers



Food service operations, Tuition rates, Golf, Graham Health Center