The Oakland Post 1989-02-13

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Study shows OU quality comparable to top schools ; Pastel pastime ; Part-timers' fees to be increased in consolidation ; Actor speaks out against film industry ; State funding recommended ; Critically acclaimed director gives acting tips to eager theater students ; News Briefs Board accepts guidelines text ; Human Relations committee appointed ; Tuition deduction bill delayed ; Assault trial scheduled ; Corrections ; Part-timers lose in fee merger ; White involvement in BAM important ; Letters to the Editor Nice guys eventually win in dating games ; Jocks take selves too seriously ; Phone registration has nice ring ; Nuclear reactor financial impossibility ; Non-smoking areas need better enforcement ; BLOOM COUNTY ; Valentine's not worth it ; Just Another Commercial Holiday ; Kate Created A Monster ; Concrete For My Sweetheart ; The Children's Valentine Dilemma ; How Things Should Be Done ; Living together: Students of opposite sex live together for financial reasons ; African leaders grace OC walls ; Leaders' Profiles ; Sexton's second album rocks ; What's Happening ; Thoughts at large ; Pioneers pummel WSU; ready for GLIAC ; Brow sets school record in OU win: Women hoopsters ranked 13th ; Pioneers favored in first league meet ; Taylor shines in cagers' victory ; SADD founder to start anti-drug campaign



Registration fees, Glover, Danny, Film industry, State funding, Pollack, Sydney, Co-ed living, Oakland Center, Students Against Driving Drunk, Anastas, Robert, Student Athletes Detest Drugs