The Oakland Post 1999-10-20

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Give life. Give blood. Have A Bloody Good Time: Red Cross draws students into blood drive by presenting donators with Trilogy of Terror passes while 93.9 fm jams ; Women Studies proposes new major ; Board says no to Y2K funding ; Banner takes records office offline: Audit of records necessary ; CRIME watch ; Poetry band brings culture; music to OU ; CTs do 'grunt work' behind scenes; front line: GUEST opinion ; CT negotiations stall; mediator session Thursday ; EDITOR'S view: Life 101: One more for the road wastes lives; minds ; LETTERS TO THE editor ; Reader embarrassed over sidewalk chalk during "Gay Pride" celebration ; Carolinas still feel Floyd devastation; need assistance ; local Edge: Festivals & Shows ; LECTURES & WORKSHOPS ; SPECIAL INTEREST ; Sorority mourns loss of sister ; MOTLEY FOOL U: Penny Pinching ; Take a look at Life ; Four Day FORECAST ; life Edge ; ON CAMPUS ; CONCERTS ; COMING SOON ; Consequences to life's choices may be deadly ; The WALK with a cause: Alpha Delta Pi sorority encourages students to lend a helping hand ; California influenced bands popularity rooted in the grass ; Tattoo crazy: Still the latest fad; students crave tattoos ; 'Shivaree' steps its way up to Varner: MTD production dances to cutting edge ; 'Fight Club' brawls in box office ; TV moves to the front of the line: The pros and cons of TV should be considered before obsession creeps in PRO ; MAD amounts of TV: Junkies compulse over prime time line ups ; For Your TELEVISION ; student Affairs: UPDATING OU ; sports Edge: SCOREBOARD VOLLEYBOARD ; MEN'S SOCCER ; WOMEN'S SOCCER ; MEN'S SWIMMING ; WOMEN'S SWIMMING ; UPCOMING GAMES ; Pure madness at OU not limited to Midnight Madness ; Bow hunting the Silent Sport ; 1999 Softball Roster ; Spotlight on the Black & Gold: ASHLEY MCGHEE ; Third time's the charm: The Black Bears Hockey club claims victory at the third game of the season. OU - 4: GVSU - 2 ; Future of OU ; BiZarRO ; LEX ; THE UNIVERSAL CROSSWORD ; TOM the DANCING BUG PRESENTS



Women's Studies BA, Y2K, Banner system, Unions, Sororities