The Oakland Post 2003-12-03

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Stolen Identities: OU students are vulnerable to crime that is steadily increasing ; Money woes ; Legislator gets new gig ; OUSC informed of OC changes ; Kresge survives 2003 without vendor ; After OU; students find careers ; Parking tickets increase ; New registration makes it through semester ; HC to attempt rhetoric class again in winter ; To view OU class offerings ; Police eat ; Restaurant health: Area eateries sneak out about codes and inspections ; Hard Rock hits Detroit ; Roads become deiced ; LEAP teaches sign language ; Global goof ; Global Glance ; Graduation column Networking for a job starts at OU ; Editor's View Papers missing; rights denied ; MIGRATions ; Featured Columnist Speaking out about high ed. funding ; Point - Counterpoint: Should the U.S. pull its troops out of Iraq? ; Tigers fight for win ; Everyone has a voice at The Post ; Glub hockey continues hot streak ; Storied career ends ; TAP ; Grizzlies lose in OT: Tulsa ousts OU in first round of College Cup ; Women still searching ; Mid-Con up next for OU ; Grizzly Spotlight ; Change cell-phone numbers without switching carriers ; 'Timeline' lacks plot - acting talent ; Republican Gary Aldrich to speak about free speech ; Tour helps preserve MBH ; 'Cat' comes alive ; Scholarships awarded at Ball ; Charter class conserves past ; Shock makes mark with art: Students art stands out at OU ; Marathon runner at OU: Sara Crampton ; Crossword ; THE LOW DOWN



Kresge Library, Crime, Careers, Parking, Registration, American Sign Language, Meadow Brook Hall, Charter class, Endowments, Student activities