The Oakland Post 1995-03-15

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Division II Swim Team Nationals Swimmers Bake Cal State! ; Candidates hit trail alone ; Circuit court awaits suspects; Wang begins physical therapy ; THE OU SEARCH COMMITTEE: Selected by board of trustees ; Campus News CRIME WATCH ; Cross Campus: Student makes a home in science lab ; Graduate takes board spot ; Lack of diverse candidates forces extension of SEHS; Admissions dean searches at OU ; Parking offenders face higher fines ; Culturally diverse proposal discussed in congress ; Former OU official named deputy mayor ; EDITOR'S VIEW: Preventive methods help; but people saved Wang; not devices ; Opinion ; Letters to the Editor: Educational funding needs preservation not budget cuts from Newtian Empire ; Public Education Opinion ; Features March puts the spotlight on women ; Theatre takes two: In remembrance of those we've lost ; Escape into a dream world at Meadow Brook ; Celebrating the freedom of speech ; New crew laces up to tackle the great outdoors ; Ameri Corps Small steps; Big effects ; Ruler of the roost - at last ; OU EVENTS ; CONCERTS ; ARTS ; THEATRE ; OTHER ; Sports Cagers beat Tech; join Elite Eight ; Cold shooting leaves Pioneers at mercy of Quincy 116-94 ; Swimming 'guru' Maglischo inducted into Hall of Honor



Men's swimming and diving, National championships, Oakland University. Student Congress, Elections, Presidential searches, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Parking, Women, Diversity