The Oakland Post 1995-10-18



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Phone registration installed ; Petition For President: Covert attempts made to make Russi president ; COURSE FEES Tricky Fee ; Computer fees scattered ; The dirt on the Mud Bowl ; Lawyer argues Tranchida's rights violated ; Campus News Acute meningitis claims life of education student ; AP manual still under revision; employees uneasy ; Altered chalkings fuel GALA's fight for equality ; Residents receive death threats: CRIME WATCH ; Signs point OU in new direction ; Scribbling on the sidewalks ; EDITOR'S VIEW Lack of Board action creates frustration ; Opinion ; Letters to the Editor Defense of WOCOU success ; Opposed ; Thanks ; Freedom vs. offensive speech ; TRAVELING ART: Smithsonian Exhibit comes to Cranbrook ; How do you eat an oreo? ; International student holds on to beliefs; cultural values ; Speaking out: Gay student talks about his coming of age ; Who said math was useless? ; Chamber Music in Harmony ; The Freaks come out at night ; CIPO This Week! ; OU EVENTS ; THEATRE ; MUSIC ; FILM ; ART ; OTHER ; Sports Mud X Bowl ; Hard court play earns two wins ; Home team stands tall after two wins ; Fiery competitor illustrates what it takes to win in collegiate soccer ; Pioneer of the Week ; The Pioneer sports week ; Say Mercy: Mercyhurst bests OU 2-0 in Saturday's match Pioneers take revenge on Wisonsin-Parkside ; Men level opposition ; Running into the competiton ; Intramural update



Registration, Russi, Gary, Technology, Computers, LGBTQ, Administrative professionals, International students