The Oakland Post 1990-03-19

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Measles outbreak; vaccine shortage cause concern in area ; University reprimands fraternity after fight ; Women win; set for war at Final Four: No. 18 Pioneers; gear for battle with fifth-ranked Bentley Falcons ; Trustees approve 6.5 percent residence halls rate increase for fall ; Raising the bread ; Miller showing progress ; AEIOU to address environmental issues ; News Briefs Gunman found in dorm room ; Carpet damaged in shirt fire ; Domestic fight brings problems to campus ; Oakland purchases; leases new computer equipment to keep program current ; Military spending cuts should yield peace dividend: Education should get extra money ; Letters to the Editor Greek fight should not overshadow good deeds ; Ending classroom disruptions takes effort from all ; Tasting the rainbow ; Interns' duties offer networking; pay ; Community trash keeps piling up ; Picks on flicks: Koch selects Oscar favorites ; Cloaked craftsmen ; Q: What's the latest thing you've done to help the environment? ; QUAYLE KOLLEGE ; What's Happening ; See you on ESPN; OU ; Women oust Jennies 66-61: Pioneers advance to NCAA Final Four ; Only strikes in this baseball league are at home plate ; 'Wall' blocks swimmers at NCAA championships



Health care, Environment, Oakland University. Student Organizations, Technology, Kresge Library, Computers, Student internships, NCAA