The Oakland Post 2008-03-12

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Defeated. A disappointing end for both men's and women's hoops in Tulsa ; THIS WEEK 3.12.08 ; STAFF EDITORIAL Democracy for sale - will Michigan buy in? ; Student president hopefuls debate ; Regina Carter to play with mentor at Varner ; Snow days are rare events at OU ; Phinding OU's Mr.Right: King of the 'jungle' must have substance as well as charm ; This week in OU history ; StarCon '08 ; OU student's book is published ; Kwame pleads for unity; lashes out against media ; NEWS IN BRIEF Cell phone users to pay fees for emegency 911 calls ; Females prisoners to relocate ; Drunk driver charged with murder ; Bill would give medical history to adoptees ; If you had the ability to play any sport; what would it be? ; Passionate about pottery: C.A.S. provides opportunity to create your own masterpiece ; Thrills of Broadway without traveling to NYC ; Empowering sadness: REVIEW ; HILL TOO MUCH TO OVERCOME: IUPUI's George Hill sends OU home with a 32-point effort in Summit League semifinal ; cassise sorely missed in the clutch ; In the midst of the madness: Scenes from the Summit League Tournament in Tulsa Okla. ; 80 SUMMIT LEAGUE TOURNAMENT SEMIFINAL 65 ; Lady Grizzlies ousted by Golden Eagles: Women's team falls short to ORU for second straight season ; The 2007-08 season wasn't always a smooth flight ; The World Wide Webbed life ; Internet growth provides more opportunities and new problems ; Eating disorders - the masked villain ; Oprah's message muddled; viewer bufuddled ; Who you gonna call - Hillary? ; Musharraf opponents agree to form coalition ; N W BRIEFS ; NY governor linked to prostitution ring ; The battle over 'Redneck Shop': Black pastor fights against KKK store ; Obama ridicules idea of being Clinton's VP



Oakland University. Student Congress, Carter, Regina, University closings