The Oakland Post 2008-08-29

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Back to School: Grizzlies Gear Up for New Semester ; THIS WEEK ; STAFF EDITORIAL Media lost it's focus ; OU offers sign up for emergency texting ; OU alum put off by Kid Rock's 'All Summer Long' ; Med school declares dean; vision ; Dr. Folberg excited to head OU med school ; Student pleas in graffiti charge ; Text message alerts added to OU security ; Carpooling offers new travel option for students: CSA to help students conserve gas and save money through Commuter Connections ; Student should watch out for phishing scams ; POLICE FILES ; Welcome Week Calender of Events ; Camp at OU allows disabled to shoot and star in film ; Kwame sues to stay in: Mayor makes desperate attempt against potential removal hearing ; OU is a highlight of new half marathon ; Partnership keeps streets 'S.A.F.E.' ; Kevorkian reveals his unorthodox candidacy ; How to get in gear for the fall semester ; Supplies ; Home Life vs. Dorm Life ; Students share why they think one choice is better than the other ; Fighting back the freshman 15 ; Study tips to help students survive ; FALL SPORTS PRIMER ; Daniel has higher hopes ; OU winners despite the score: Women's soccer team stands strong in the face of adversity ; Costello: 'Our ceiling is endless': Women's golf trying to make the leap to championship level ; Men's team excited to compete ; Jumping the starting guns ; MEN'S CROSS COUNTRY: Jones looks to dominate after major injury ; WOMEN'S CROSS COUNTRY D'Angelo and Rice hoping to bounce back ; Grizzlies looking to take another step up this year: Volleyball now seeking consistency ; Music making a difference ; QUICK HITS: REVIEWS IN 30 SECONDS Dance Gavin Dance Dance Gavin Dance: Album review ; Soulcalibur IV: Video game review ; The Main Art offers an alternative ; Falling into a new TV season: The Oakland Post offers mind-numbing shows to catch this semester ; Rockin' politics ; Heavy on the pop punk ; Arguing the pros and cons of OU ; Going after my Olympic dream ; Georgia to sever diplomatic ties with Russia ; N W BRIEFS ; Democratic Convention comes to close ; Gustav threatens Caymans; possibly Gulf Coast ; McCain chooses Alaska Gov. Palin as running mate



Lucido, Sam, Oakland University Police Department, Text messaging alert systems, Folberg, Robert, Oakland University. William Beaumont School of Medicine, Brooksie Way