The Oakland Post 1988-09-12

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Beer Lake dyed blue ; Enrollment down slightly ; Officers want respect ; Bookcenter faces competition from Book Fair ; Man receives psychiatric examination order ; Former Republican acts as presidential Libertarian nominee ; NOW names winners ; Artist donates sculpture ; News Briefs Uzi threat ; Man suffers heart attack at institute ; Larceny occurs ; Student honored ; Resident injured ; Library hours set ; Birth control fees discriminate ; U.S. may cut funds to colleges providing birth control info ; Fewer students go to med school ; Geese gotta go ; University holds interesting secrets ; College no different from nontraditional view ; Students balance school; work; family ; Telethon not Lewis ego trip ; Substance abuse service to create awareness ; Movie's intensity makes it a must-see ; MOVIE REVIEW ; Enjoying the shade ; What's Happening ; Government research reveals college trends ; Lions have hope ; Forget it ; Soccer team crushes IPFW ; Newspaper adopts real football team ; Taylor university's winningest coach ; OU golfer wins amateur tourney ; Harriers top Wayne ; Warming up ; Spikers take charge on road ; Mob-linked agents used threats to get college jocks ; Attorney subpoenas drug testing results



Beer Lake, Enrollment, Oakland University Police Department, Paul, Randall, Libertarian party, National Organization for Women, Work/life balance, Substance abuse, Jones, Dewayne, Parsons, Gary, Taylor, Bob, Bear Lake