The Oakland Observer 1968-11-15

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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


CLR JAMES ON BLACK LIBERATION ; NIGERIA-BIAFRA; POLITICAL HISTORY ; STUDENT FAST ; University Senate Report: Issues Stir Debate ; Commuter Corner ; University Salutes Chancellor ; Grant Two Open Houses per Week ; False Draft Predictions Surprise US Universities ; Draft Calls Soar ; Free University Opens at U of D ; POEMS ; Debts of wind and moonlight ; Time in the Round ; The Basket weaver ; She said he said ; Satyr ; DELTA POEMS ; An Yon Blue Eyed Mobuis Mine? ; ARTS: "Doc Watson" "Stone Blues" Reviewed ; Algierian Revolution! ; "Lost in the Funhouse" Complex - Hilarious ; Magistrate Opens Thurs. ; SET Presents Two Beckett Plays ; New Coffee House Opens ; ADA Performs Three One Acts ; "Hour of the Wolf" Simple - Articulate ; other scenes: ON CAMPUS ; ACTS ; AT THE MOVIES ; Hildum Catches Contradiction in Observer Coverage ; LETTERS Prof. Thanks Students ; Charge of Misrepresentation ; Who Are "The People" ; Professor Defines Ivory Tower ; Student Activities Operations Fouled by Red Tape ; Pioneers Beat Toledo U. 3-2 ; Better Sports Coverage?



James, C.L.R., Oakland University. Senate, Varner, Durward B., 1917-1999