The Oakland Post 1991-10-30

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Communism lecture ; Society to meet ; Poetry reading ; Ski and skate sale ; Fund Drive ; Mutant Ball ; Empty house awaits new president ; Date rape: The untold story ; Outside help needed to fix lines ; New exterminators assure annihilation ; Oakland County incinerator to be decided by voters ; Committe off and running ; Students rights ; CRIME WATCH ; OUR VIEW Professional aid confuses issue ; YOUR VIEW Barbaric ways need to change ; Congress seeks student involvement ; Parents; though important; get undeserved rap ; University for students? ; CTC adds high tech to a rural setting: Chrysler Tech Center is a $1 billion venture ; DIA curator presents Picasso's graphics ; Happy Halloween ; Shine discusses Yeats' life; loves and poetry ; Banners display the news ; A Pistons dream slam dunked ; Soccer goes ballistic at home ; Pioneers swim toward nationals ; "falling and I can't get up!" ; OU skater finds success Ingrid Peterson finishes second in nationals ; Tennis team finishes seventh in GLIAC tournament ; Freshman harriers are not letting OU run them ; OU Greeks triumphed over WSU in Gladiator College competition ; Harriers take fourth place at GLIAC ; Correction



Presidential searches, Shine, Neal, 1930-2007