Building a Better Accounting World with Artificial Intelligence

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This thesis’s purpose is to explore how the emergence of artificial intelligence in accounting shifts the focus and daily tasks and responsibilities of accountants. The project will also explore the impact that these new advancements in artificial intelligence will have in the accounting world in areas such as document management and bookkeeping. From artificial intelligence implications, the immediate and future impacts of these shifts in technologies will become present and utilized to enhance the field in the right direction. Through the implementation of artificial intelligence, new knowledge is uncovered that will enhance the everyday tasks of an accountant such as bookkeeping and journalizing entries. This enhancement will allow the focus of accountants to shift to more advisory services and other high-value tasks. The methodology used will be exploratory content from individuals from accounting firms and scholarly peer-reviewed journals through the Oakland University Libraries database. This methodology will be obtained through primary sources and secondary research. The results of this research will aim to provide knowledge to those currently in the field or those becoming part of the field, so they stay ahead of the game and competition to stay employed. Current accountants or people who plan on graduating soon as accountants will benefit from this thesis to stay an asset to their current or future company by being technologically advanced and advancing the company technologically for the evolving future.



Artificial intelligence, Accounting