Minutes of the Meeting of the University Senate, February 18, 2021


A. INFORMATIONAL ITEMS: 1. Graduate Program Modifications (Early Childhood Education); 2. Undergraduate Program Modifications (English BA, Linguistics-Speech Language Pathology, Health Sciences BS-Pre-Pharmacy Concentration, Applied Geographic Information Science Minor, STEP program); 3. Retirement Plan Updates; 4. Land Acknowledgement Presentation; 5. Senate Committee Volunteer Survey; 6. Provost’s Updates | B. ROLL CALL | C. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES of January 21, 2021 | D. Unfinished BUSINESS | E. NEW BUSINESS: 1. Land Acknowledgement Resolution (1st reading; 2nd reading waived; motion approved); 2. Procedural Motion to staff Senate Committee | SECTION F: GOOD AND WELFARE



Holistic health, English BA, Speech language pathology, Health Sciences BS, Applied Geographic Information Science, STEP program, Retirement benefits, Land Acknowledgement