The Oakland Post 1998-01-07

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


1998 GOALS ; WOMENS BASKETBALL ; MOVIE MADNESS ; Diversity fluctuating on campus ; Lines; lines and more lines ; Collision research to be honored ; Drunken driving pre-trial to begin ; CAMPUS NEWS OU welcomes.1998 Positive resolutions ; CRIME WATCH ; Dean Polis elected to engineering board ; Parking at OU more blessing than curse ; OPINION ; EDITOR'S VIEW Campus resolutions to include ; GUEST VIEW More should consider in-state universities as affordable option ; Letters to the Editor University actions are too little too late ; Student Affairs EVENTS updating ou ; Putting the past behind: Swimming and diving teams look to put program back in full swing ; Discipline drills should be saved for practice; not play ; Sports Women's hoops on winter roll ; Despite a recent loss; their future looks bright ; PIONEER INSTANT REPLAY ; Unseasoned youth contribute to loss ; Halftime rhythm stirs up the Bubble ; Pioneers gearing up for MSU; rec opener ; Wrestling deaths raise concern about weight reduction ; OU EVENTS ; MUSIC ; THEATRE ; FILM ; OTHER ; Radio change shows classical on decline ; Registration frustration ; Plan spring break to save headache ; MUSIC TO YOUR EARS Double CD shows best; worst of Rakim ; FEATURES Attack of the THE REEL DEAL SPECIAL EDITION MOVIES ; The flood could cause many to sink 'Titantic' ; 'Tomorrow Never Dies' ; 'Amistad' ; 'As Good As It Gets' ; Remember the simple pleasures in life



Diversity, Collision research, Cheok, Ka C., Collision warning and avoidance system, Polis, Michael P., Parking, Engineering, Wrestling, Weight loss, Spring break