The Oakland Post 2004-01-28

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Year could be Corps last ; Survey dumped: 2004-2005 calendar changes will stick ; Storm keeps broadcaster from lecture ; OUSC hears students' plans for MBH ; Students trek to Beijing ; Historic trial comes to life ; Student awarded for engine design ; Center to test for anxiety ; OU professor to curate exhibit of fakes ; Police Beat ; Hot button; free cars ; Controversial club opens: Deja Vu debuts despite the city's protests ; Kid's hoof-it for health ; State celebrates coin's release ; Global Glance ; Global Reality TV is missing its "real" touch goof ; Talk Back The OU community responds to The Post and events around campus ; Student questions diversity in education ; Should fall classes start before Labor Day? ; Editorial at a glance ; Reality TV is missing its "real" touch ; Off the schnide ; Ugly; but still a win ; OU sweeps ; At it again ; Last second shot does men in again ; ON TAP @ OU ; Sports Spotlight ; Wacky center fits in: Junior transfer is enjoying basketball; the Caf ; Powerful play snaps streak ; New name; same goals ; Formerly known as the Office of Equity; the Center for Multicultural Initiatives continues to service minority students on campus ; The face behind the effort ; A closer look into the life of Gloria Sosa; director of the Center for Multicultural Initiatives ; AST sisters take on Valentine's Day charity ; Rob Kangas: The artist presents a retrospective of his work at the Meadow Brook Art Gallery ; "The Da Vinci Code" mixes fiction and controversy: a hit at Catholic Church ; "Educated Guess" finally out: Difranco's new release keeps its promises and stays away from mainstream influence ; Lucy VandePutte: As a student leader; VandePutte advocates involvement on campus ; The IOWA Bounce ; HOROSCOPE ; Crossword ; THE LOW DOWN



Meadow Brook Hall, Constitutions, Study abroad, Oakland University. Center for Multicultural Initiatives, Oakland University Art Gallery