The Oakland Post 1995-06-14

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Board argues CULTURAL DIVERSITY fund spending ; Big Under the Top ; Board okays rec center bonds ; Price tags higher than expected for OU searches ; Dorm Contract Talks End: Students must leave down payment with signature ; Campus News LIAISONS: OU's two new student liaisons keep the Board and students connected ; Ten year Strategic Plan in place 2005 ; OU's Equal Opportunity Policy Amended Sexual orientation included ; Two year tuition increase approved ; CRIME WATCH ; Full View of OU ; Connnellan named Acting Vice President for Academic Administration ; EDITOR'S VIEW Stagnant Board bounces back ; Opinion ; Letters to the editor "in the name of equality" ; Features New recruits on campus ; Relaxing in the Summer Sun ; Seniors in the Spotlight ; Are you interested in Fun; Music and the Great Outdoors??? ; The Great Mysteries of Life ; Sports Search nears completion: Bissonnette to select athletic director from panel's final three ; PIONEERS: reach 30-win plateau with strong pitching; defense



Diversity, Residence halls, Dormitories, Oakland Athletic Center, Discrimination, LGBTQ, Freshmen