Visual Representation of Computer System Cache Hierarchy


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The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the component in a computer system that carries out all the computations and calculations that are required. Because of this, good CPU performance is key in having a fast computer. To ensure good performance, processor designers often implement an internal cache that works like a hierarchy, with small amounts of very fast storage closest to the processing core, and large amounts of slower storage furthest from the core. Such a hierarchical design takes advantage of spatial locality, which says that if a piece of data is used, the surrounding data is likely to be used, and temporal locality, the likelihood that if a piece of data is used once, it will be used again.

Descriptions of the cache hierarchy can be confusing without models or diagrams. Such visual aids are made all the time, yet they can often be difficult to interpret without prior knowledge, which is a problem for those who have an interest in learning about computer architecture. Our program will serve as a visual representation of the cache hierarchy and will help fill the gap of visual cache representations that display pertinent information with clear visual distinctions between the cache levels.



Computer Cache, Cache Hierarchy, Internal Cache, Cache Visualization, CPU Cache