The Oakland Post 2002-02-20

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


The EDGE ; Dec. grad date may change: Students favor earlier date; faculty oppose move ; Shock jocks expelled by radio station ; Sweet Revenge ; Animal rights activist encourages veganism: Alum speaks about circuses; research; zoos ; Senate names two representatives to attend Board meetings ; PT earns accreditations ; GHC offers free tests ; CRIME WATCH ; ABS enhances community ; Safety issues brought to light after interview ; Tuition ceiling approved ; Spring breakers pick alternative destinations ; Internet-based group calls students to action ; Midfield ready to fly ; MOTLEY FOOLU ; Should You Avoid Rollups? ; Editorial WXOU's Gullo; Ross deserve praise ; Letters to the Editor ; Student says decision process needs revamping ; OTHER VIEWS Teaching kids the imprtance of lying starts young ; Grizzlies win nailbiter at IUPUI: Men sweep season series ; Teams psyched for upcoming NIC meet ; SCORE BOARD ; Upcoming Games ; Streak snapped in brutal loss ; GMHL semifinalists look to ACHA tourney: Win over Spartans sets tone for nationals ; MID-CONTINENT CONFERENCE STANDINGS ; GRIZZLY OF THE WEEK ; Don't try this at home ; Women's Recaps ; Student Affairs: Updating' OU ; U.S. comes out with the gold despite disappointing finish for OU student ; Prejudice and the Bee ; Seafood a real delight at Third Wave ; Napster returns as subscription service; students skeptical ; The Edge On Campus ; Shows ; Stylish French noir coolly delivers ; Britney; 'Crossroads' fail ; Student Picks ; SPB to Atlanta for spring break ; Diversity key in Arab organization: Group stresses cultural ideas over religious preference ; MOVIE ONE-LINERS: Guess what movie each quote is from; then visit to see if you're right



Oakland University. Student Organizations. WXOU, Animal rights movement, Physical Therapy PhD, Accreditation, Association of Black Students, Tuition rates, Diversity