The Oakland Post 2018-03-14



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Roomies and Religion: Two freshmen assigned to a shared room in Hamlin Hall talk living with another perspective ; Sexual Assault. With #MeToo and #TimeUp; reports of assault expected to rise ; Women's History. OU celebrates the month of history's female heroes and movements ; Pride Month. LGBT celebration events extend through March ; Nick Joans to perform in April: Fan-favorite Jonas Brother announces spring concert at Meadow Brook Amphitheatre with OU student discount ; The CETL tackles the threat of stereotypes ; NextGen supports action against gun violence: The organization is pushing to bring active shooter training to campus in wake of the parkland shooting ; Students for Recovery: Promoting physical and mental health ; Accreditation helps to improve health standards: The MPH is experiences changes to assist local communities for the better ; Inside the Golden Grizzlies Food Pantry: Students and faculty will soon have access to meals; making food insecurity less of an issue ; Bear Bus Committee seeks improvements: OUSC establishes group to improve campus transportation ; Black Graduate Student Association: Unity; Mentorship and Social Justice ; Reporting sexual assault in the year of speaking up: OUPD talks anonymous and in-person reports; Press for Progress: Women's History Month in campus ; OU to Celebrate Pride Month ; New tax would help law enforcement ; Students share thoughts on culture and religion ; Stress may be helpful in school ; A perspective on the life of out-of-state students ; Grizzlies to be recognized in "Authors at Oakland": Celebration to recognize the writing of students and faculty ; The background of West Virginia's teacher strike ; "A Wrinkle in Time" is time you won't get back ; "Game Night" not a game changer; but still fun ; Schweers hopes to continue baseball career after final season ; Kendrick Nunn nominated for Jerry West Shooting Guard of the Year ; Obituary for Stephen Armica: Kittens and Republicans and bears; oh my



Religions, Stereotypes, Oakland University. Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Accreditation, Hunger awareness, Bear Bus, Black Graduate Assistant Association, Sexual assault awareness, Women's history month, LGBT+, Cultural heritage, Stress, Authors at Oakland