The Oakland Post 1994-10-05

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Briefly Important dates ; President Open House ; Influenza Vaccine Clinics ; Non - Traditional Students Assoc. ; Board Of Trustees Meeting ; Roundtable Discussion ; Forrest Gump?? ; Meet honored fallen swimmer ; Engler appoints familiar face as new OU Trustee ; Rush's roles shift focus; Equal Opportunity Office awaiting temporary leader ; Face Off: Faculty members are aligning themselves with the two litigants in the 3 million dollar lawsuit invoving Rasul Chaudhry and Fay Hansen-Smith. ; CRIME WATCH ; Cross Campus Medieval relics recovered ; Cash pursuit lands a charge ; It makes you wonder what's under yours ; Obituary OU language professor loses battle with cancer ; Homecoming '94 a 'disappointment' ; Khapoya speaks on Mandela; equality in South Africa ; New sign to enhance campus look ; EDITOR'S VIEW Parks' courage; esteem reflected by political cartoon ; Letters to the Editor ; Flag's treatment raises issue of national pride ; Insensitivity charged in cartoon on Parks ; Equipment part of good teaching formula ; Cartoon viewed as 'cruel humor' ; Features Americorps: Helping students ; There's no such thing as the perfect roommate ; Learning to foil your opponent ; Coffee anyone? ; Student suffers stroke; fights back with help from friends; family; God ; OU EVENTS ; ART ; THEATER ; CONCERTS ; COMEDY ; FILMS ; OTHER ; Sports Pioneer of the Week ; THE PIONEER DIRT BOX ; This Week in Pioneer Sports ; Back in the saddle again ; Pioneers mercied by Titans ; Runners hurt: And with two more gone; McCauley can't win for losing ; When it was a game ; OU intramurals ; Harriers take third



Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Obituaries, Khapoya, Vincent, Fencing