Exploring information security and shared encrypted spaces in libraries

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Code4Lib Journal


Libraries are sensitive to the need to protect patron data, but may not take measures to protect the data of the library. However, in an increasingly collaborative online environment, the protection of data is a concern that merits attention. As a follow-up to a new patron privacy policy, the Oakland University William Beaumont Medical Library evaluated information security tools for use in day-to-day operations in an attempt to identify ways to protect private information in communication and shared storage, as well as a means to manage passwords in a collaborative team environment. This article provides an overview of encryption measures, outlines the Medical Library’s evaluation of encryption tools, and reflects on the benefits and challenges in their adoption and use.



Encryption, Cloud storage, Collaboration, Library


Engwall K. Exploring information security and shared encrypted spaces in libraries. Code4Lib Journal, 2015:29. http://journal.code4lib.org/articles/10685