The Oakland Post 1998-01-28



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


ELECTION TIME ; HUNG HUMOR ; LEPLEY BLOW-OUT ; Basement renovation beginning on time ; Board to consider new Ph.D. ; Snakes ; OU student awaits trial on possession charges ; CAMPUS NEWS CRIME WATCH ; Liaisons urge for staggered two-year term ; Congress on search for next year's office ; Lending helping hands ; Campus Voice Students react to the Clinton controversy ; Damaging Clinton damages country ; EDITOR'S VIEW Scandals seem to bring out the worst ; OPINION ; Letters to the Editor Conservation article praised; discrepanicies corrected ; Former student asks for further investigation into textbook prices ; Thomas' father Clarifies his responses ; Student Affairs: EVENTS ; FEATURES Strip SHOW ; Cartoons that adorn professors' doors can offer insight into their humor and character ; It pays off to save money instead of using credit ; OU EVENTS ; THEATRE ; FILM ; Mr. Potato Head gives away money ; Varner Studio's "Our Town" gives justice to classic play ; Author to talk about youth ; Music To Your Ears Magnificent movie music is as magical as it is mystical ; Sports Out with a victory splash: Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving are number one at this weekend's four team invitational - the last dual meet in Lepley Pool ; Coach calls it quits after 11; makes time for administration ; Women's Swimming and Diving Coach Tracy Huth puts pool on hold to commit to assistant duties ; "Must-See" TV commercials are real Super Bowl losers ; PIONEER INSTANT REPLAY ; SPORTS CALENDAR ; Men's basketball claims fifth in a row ; OU will remain football-free: Economic concerns kick out any chance of Pioneer pigskin in the near to distant future; but OU will take a swing at women's softball ; Spotlight on the Black & Gold ; LISA VAN TATENHOVE Women's Swimming



Renovations, Oakland Center, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Elections, Clinton, Bill, 1946-, Comic strips, Miller, Karen, Burger King, Dyson, Michael, Men's swimming and diving, Huth, Tracy, Men's basketball, Football, Women's swimming and diving