The Oakland Post 1999-10-06



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


$1.3 million grant funds new technology program ; STRIKING a deal ; Arrest warrants for bathroom sting to be issued ; CRIME watch ; Congress forum addresses lack of student contact ; Student Body President tries to spark conversation among OU students ; Battle of the bulge: On an average; college freshmen gain fifteen pounds during their first year away at college ; Incoming students pause when it comes to alcohol ; EDITOR'S view Student apathy over campus issues echoes the "Sound of Silence" ; LETTERS TO THE editor ; Response to CSA office space ; local Edge FESTIVALS & SHOWS ; LECTURES & WORKSHOPS ; SPECIAL INTEREST ; Four Day FORECAST ; Student Reaction to Online Notes ; MOTLEY FOOL U: Auto Insurance ; Lecture notes hit web: Houston site charges fee for access; OU's free CWW works with faculty ; life Edge ON CAMPUS ; SHOWS ; COMING SOON ; Three Kings ; The gauntlet has been thrown; will it be picked up? ; WXOU SWIMMING UPSTREAM ; Beauty hides the beast ; 'The Fragile' side of Nine Inch Nails ; Who are they? ; INFORMAL POLL ASKS STUDENTS TO IDENTIFY PROMINENT OU ADMINISTRATORS ; ROCK the VOTE: "This isn't your grandparents' politics." Oakland County Commissioner Tim Melton ; Performance set to draw voting audience ; Get out and vote: Rock the Vote festivities remind us of the addition of one more thing on the "To Do" list ; For Your ENTERTAINMENT ; sports Edge: SCOREBOARD ; Pool Halls ; Pool Sharks ; Doing a "man's job" in the world of sports ; Spotlight on the Black & Gold: CARMEN TRIPPETT ; Men shut down tough competition ; Men's soccer kicks Butler and Western Illinois aside shutting them out ; In Women's Soccer ; Ferris ices Black Bears ; Record Breaker: GEORGI KINSELA ; Taking a break at WOCOU ; LEX ; BiZarRO ; THE UNIVERSAL CROSSWORD ; "TOM THE DANCING BUG" ; Chuck Shepherd's NEWS OF THE weird



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