The Oakland Post 2019-02-06



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Meet Meta Kern ; Testing and prevention. Get tested and learn how to ask for consent during SPB's "Sexpo" ; Feel the bass. OU partners with inventor to create an alternate form of the amp ; The ball returns. Meadow Brook hosts its annual Ball for the 45th year ; Letter to the editor: better public transit ; Looking back: Problems with the construction of O'Dowd: Defective glass and worker strikes increased the cost; delayed the opening of the new building ; Taste of Africa kicks off Black History Month ; Found Footage Festival comedy show to take on The Habitat ; Learn about safe; healthy; consensual sex at Sexpo: With sexually transmitted diseases on the rise students are encourages to seek further education ; Police Files: A little police station accident ; Brilliant door-opening ; Lululemon laundry larceny ; SPB offers new event at Meadow Brook: This Valentine's Day week; get ready to spend time with your partners at campus' most romantic spot ; Campus resources help local inventor "play bass; feel bass" ; Oakland hosts first jazz festival for local high schools ; The Meadow Brook Ball captures the Tiffany magic ; Chicken and horse owners use precautions for winter: In this weather; be ore mindful toward your furry friends in these freezing temperatures ; The importance of unions in resolving the shutdown: Do not overlook the role of unions in ending the shutdown ; The "immoral" barrier ; Why Netflix's 10 Oscar nominations for "Roma" matter ; 'Sex Education' - aka high school's awkward moments on TV ; Stop it; Tom Brady is the GOAT: Appreciating a great for his true talent ; Oakland defeats CSU ; Meet Meta Kern; Oakland basketball's biggest fan ; Horizon League's best runner is focused on a championship ; Things to do instead of watching Super Bowl LIII



O'Dowd Hall, African American Celebration Month, Sexually transmitted diseases, Meadow Brook Hall, INCubator, Meadow Brook Ball